colorado moose hunt
Moose Hunts
moose hunt colorado


In March of 1978, 12 moose were released into North Park and another 12 were added in January of 1979. The herd has thrived over the next 30 plus years. The first moose hunt was in 1985. We started guiding moose hunts that year and have continued to have a very high success rate throughout the years.

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colorado moose
colorado moose hunt
colorado moose
moose hunts

We have guided moose hunts in units 6,171,161,16,and 17 as well as providing pack services in these same units.

Our guide to hunter ratio is 1/1 (although the whole crew is out scouting pre-season). Horseback travel may be necessary to get into the back country

We operate under permits by Colorado State Forest/Colorado State Park, U.S. Forest Service/Routt National Forest and are licensed by the Colorado Licensing Board, State of Colorado Outfitters License #666. We are bonded and insured and an equal opportunity service provider.

Box 935, Gypsum, CO 81637 - (970) 524-5054
Nov. - June
Box 16, Walden, CO 80480 - (970) 723-4204
June - Nov.

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